Chilling Effect

The latest in relaxation beverages is Mini Chill, which features Relarian, an all-natural, patent-pending combination of amino acids and herbs that relieves tension and anxiety instantly without causing drowsiness, according to Steven J. Panzella, president and founder of Flushing, N.Y.-based Stevenson Products, LLC, which manufactures the product. Inspired by his high-stress lifestyle as a businessman to find a natural, safe way to kick back, Panzella worked with scientist and researcher Benjamin S. Weeks on a formula that would deliver relaxation benefits in a fast-acting beverage shot. Containing no sugar and zero calories, Mini Chill provides a caffeine-free way to reduce stress without recourse to dangerous or ineffective filler ingredients. A 2-ounce bottle of Berry Bliss flavor retails for a suggested $2.99. For more information, visit
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