Chilean Hass Avocados Make Arrival; Ready for Integrated Retail Promo

SANTIAGO, Chile -- An historic Antarctic cold wave that struck Chile during its winter season that run between June and August reduced the country's Hass avocado crop and compromised its groves.

In response to this unique situation, the producers and exporters have taken measures throughout the entire supply chain to continue ensuring high quality of the Chilean Hass avocados for the remainder of the Chilean season.

"We are now supplying fresh new inventories," says Jorge Covarrubias, Chilean Avocado Importers Association (CAIA) chairman and president of Santa Cruz S.A. "Our vessels that arrived in the United States on Oct. 17 and Oct. 24 contain Chilean Hass avocados in excellent condition and with strong pressure, which means the fruit will have good shelf-life and consistent ripening. These avocados are also showing consistent levels of maturity. Upcoming weekly arrivals will continue to have consistent volumes and quality."

The CAIA is moving forward with its integrated retail and consumer marketing program targeting English- and Spanish-speaking shoppers during the Chilean Hass avocado season. The association's comprehensive general market and Latino advertising and public relations initiatives help retailers in their efforts to sell more Chilean Hass avocados to their customers.

The group represents the growers, exporters and importers of Chilean Hass avocados and promotes them through retail programs, advertising, and public relations activities during the Chilean season, August through February.
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