Chevy Chase Supermarket Launches Mobile Phone-based Rewards Program

WASHINGTON -- Community-based independent Chevy Chase Supermarket yesterday launched a program to offer its customers rewards and instant savings linked to their cell phones.

The retailer is using the Mobile Rewards solution from Boston-based MobileLime, which has developed technology that turns a mobile phone into a marketing, loyalty, and payment device.
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With MobileLime's Mobile Rewards platform, Chevy Chase Supermarket can offer its patrons real-time member benefits via their cell phones, including information-based alerts and instant savings on selected items. It can also communicate with these shoppers via text messaging and e-mail before, during, and after each purchase transaction to influence buying behaviors at the point of sale or to advise them beforehand about special sales, events, and more.

"As a neighborhood grocer, we want to build a relationship with our patrons, and MobileLime's Mobile Rewards program enables us to interact with them in real time, communicating up-to-the-minute specials and events," said Kevin Kirsch of Chevy Chase Supermarket. "Shoppers can now get instant savings without carrying a card, and receive just-in-time shopping information about new products, events, sales, and promotions on their cell phones. And down the road we expect to add mobile payments to the mix as well."

MobileLime's rewards program eliminates the need for physical loyalty cards by using shoppers' cell phone numbers as their unique identifiers. The cashier enters the member's cell phone number at checkout, and the shopper receives instant item-level savings toward purchases.
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