CGA to Challenge Grocery Worker Retention Ordinance in Court

LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge smoothed the way for California Grocers Association (CGA) to get its day in court, in the trade group's lawsuit challenging the City of Los Angeles' Grocery Worker Retention Ordinance.

This city ordinance requires supermarkets to retain workers for a minimum of 90 days when a store changes ownership. The CGA lawsuit claims the ordinance is preempted by the National Labor Relations Act and the California Health and Safety Code, and that it violates state and Federal equal protection requirements.

"Since the Grocery Worker Retention Ordinance has been in effect, retail grocery [store] sales transactions in the City of Los Angeles have ceased," said Peter Larkin, CGA president. "Stopping the growth of new retail in the city demonstrates the first of many harmful impacts this law will have on city residents."
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