Certified Grocers Midwest Hosts Leadership Training Program

CHICAGO - Certified Grocers Midwest, a grocery cooperative based here, has rolled out an extensive training program specifically tailored to the challenges of distribution environments.

Certified Grocers tapped Tom Zosel Associates (TZA) to present the management training curriculum to help its warehouse supervisors hone skills necessary to effectively lead and motivate associates to perform at their peak.

The training sessions also help Certified Grocers' supervisors gain essential knowledge in the areas of delegating, communicating, resolving conflict, and motivating associates, among others. Floor managers further benefit from practical tips, techniques, and solutions they need for supervisory success when coordinating people and tasks.

"Due to the successful results of TZA's initial skill-building sessions, we decided to have TZA deliver its full-fledged management training curriculum to our warehouse supervisors, so that they can carry out their management responsibilities confidently," said Todd Avery, Certified Grocers' director/distribution operations. "The training focuses on the challenges they face every day on the floor and offers solutions to help them fully achieve their potential - not just as managers but also as true leaders who command the respect, commitment and credibility that moves people to action."

Michael Droske, TZA's director of training, said while most supervisors already have the knowledge and skills to perform in their area of expertise, "Being a supervisor demands a new type of skill. A manager's continued success depends directly on his or her ability to get things done through others." Droske said the management training curriculum "provide supervisors with management skills without incurring the hard knocks that come with on-the-job training."
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