CausePlay Launches Mobile Promotion Platform

Digital/mobile agency CausePlay has launched a mobile promotion platform that provides shoppers with a personalized experience as well as useful information about important causes.

The new platform was recently introduced at 36 Northgate Gonzalez stores in predominately Hispanic neighborhoods of Southern California in partnership with Unilever products. The three partners have teamed up to offer shoppers two free tickets to a Reyli concert when they purchase $50 in Unilever products during a five-week period.

The key to the promotion is the launch of CausePlays’s new Digital Endcaps platform that customers activate through mobile handsets. The mobile agnostic platform will display personalized shopping recommendations, product information, track purchases and provide information about two Hispanic-serving charities. The Digital Endcaps platform will be in all 36 Northgate stores in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

Unilever is leveraging the platform to help customers keep track of their cash and credit purchases automatically. Customers will also learn about the promotion and participating Unilever products through in-store signage, island displays and local market radio.

“It made perfect sense to launch this kind of promotion with Hispanic shoppers since research shows that they shop more frequently and increasingly rely on digital devices for shopping information,” said Jonas Hudson, partner and COO of CausePlay. “This is a breakthrough technology that for the first time allows retailers to track cash customers through mobile devices, effectively closing the loop between promotional spend and sales.”

CausePlay will now be able to support “recommendation” shopping and socialized shopping through their Digital Endcaps and Digital Demos mobile platforms, which layers a promotions recommendation engine for in-store and out-of-store promotions.

“We believe that data, promotions and messaging should be controlled by the publisher, and not third party entities,” said Hudson. “We know how to optimize historical purchases with predictive and socialized product targeting, data and analytics to be able to identify and drive the right campaign.”

The Digital Endcaps platform will also provide information about two charities linked to the promotion, allowing shoppers to learn more. The two participating charities are Olive Crest, which provides a range of social programs for at-risk children and families, serving more than 2,000 children per day, primarily Hispanic; and Red Eye, which strives to provide local communities and inner-city youth a "hand-up" in life through creativity, community and humanity.

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