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Catalina Marketing Expands Reach of Network

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Catalina Marketing Corporation announced today the roll out of its Network into multiple retailers throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Southwest. The contracts with Nash Finch Company, Minyard Food Stores Inc., Gristede's Foods Inc. and Spartan Stores Inc.'s "The Pharm Stores" will expand the reach of the Catalina Marketing Network by more than 540 stores.

"Building and maintaining profitable customer relationships is particularly important to the independent retailers we service," said Ron Marshall, president and CEO of Nash Finch Stores. "The Catalina Marketing Network makes it easy and efficient for our performance driven retailers to get the right incentive in the hands of the right shopper, increasing the likelihood that she'll make a return visit."

"It is crucial that we are able to treat our customers as individuals. The Catalina Marketing Network enables us to do just that by communicating with each customer on a one-to-one basis," said Charlie Burns, senior vice president of marketing for Minyard Food Stores. "We are excited about this partnership because it will allow Minyard to be successful in two of the most important areas of our business: driving sales and increasing loyalty."

The Catalina Marketing Network uses patented UPC-based scanner technology to target and communicate with consumers at supermarket checkouts based on purchase behavior. Communications may include sampling, advertising, couponing and loyalty programs depending on the retailer or brand objectives.
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