Carrefour Expands Data Warehouse to Enhance Marketing

European retailer Carrefour is expanding its Data Warehouse environment to enhance business analytics operations within its marketing department.

The Levallois-Perret, France-based company is using Teradata’s Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to enable the control of marketing activities for over 14 million households, more than half of all French households, and offer Carrefour a 360-degree real-time view of its customers across multiple customer contact channels, most notably its hypermarket and supermarket retail stores.

“The project’s required speed of deployment represented a real challenge, and Teradata has been able to meet our schedule, thanks to their cutting-edge technological solutions, experienced consultants and unmatched expertise,” said Gérard Castrie, marketing and communication director at Carrefour France.

The Teradata Active EDW is providing Carrefour’s marketing department with the three elements required to achieve its objectives: a large information capacity to manage high volumes of data, an accelerated deployment, and the option to process and extract data in near-real time to meet growing demands from its many business users.

Carrefour expects the new enterprise intelligence platform to deliver a more detailed analysis of data relating to consumer behavior and purchasing, while also providing optimal management of the marketing campaigns that engage those customers. More than 70 users will regularly tap the system for consumer insight information. The robust system will enable Carrefour to manage over 60,000 customer categories and more than 14 million households within its hypermarkets and supermarkets.

The retailer’s ultimate goal with the system is to be able to tailor every outlet, hypermarket and supermarket to the local population and to its environment. “Our interest in obtaining a global view is simple. We want to target every customer in a precise and relevant fashion during our marketing operations, in order not to overcommunicate with them and to be able to measure or guarantee a significant return on investment,” said Castrie.

Carrefour has 1,230 stores in France and around 112,000 employees.
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