Cargill Launches Antibiotic-Free Pork Brand

Cargill Meat Solutions has launched a new, all-natural, antibiotic-free pork brand. Dubbed Good Nature, the new pork line is sourced from Midwest family farm-raised hogs that are never administered antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones. Moreover, Cargill says it also maintains strict natural standards during processing of the new pork line, which is minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients.

“When you’re good at something, people say you’re a ‘natural,’” said Joe Linot, pork marketing manager, Cargill. “We’re a natural at natural pork. Our Good Nature pork allows the quality and flavor of pork to be the focus of consumers’ eating experiences – without ever using antibiotics or growth hormones.”

The Good Nature pork brand, he adds, is backed by the processes, food safety interventions and marketing support of Cargill Meat Solutions. One of Cargill’s processing innovations for the Good Nature pork brand is the use of air chilling, which helps ensure good color, tenderness and moisture for the end consumer.

“Cargill is dedicated to monitoring and understanding the ever-changing meat industry,” Linot said. “Consumer demand for quality pork that not only tastes good but also contains only healthy, natural ingredients is a growing trend. We want to collaborate with our customers to help them answer market demand by offering Good Nature pork.”

Over-arching marketing support for the Good Nature pork brand will include promotional elements for retail and foodservice as well as a Good Nature pork Web site at, where customers and consumers can learn about the product and download recipes. Good Nature all-natural pork is available to both retail and foodservice operators.

During the course of 10 years, Linot said Cargill has invested more than $1 billion in food safety, state-of-the-art facilities and technology. In addition to its dedication to food safety, Cargill’s in-plant processes also help ensure that safe product arrives on time and to specification to fulfill customers’ needs, he adds.
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