Campbell Teams With USDA to Personalize MyPyramid

Campbell Soup Co. has joined forces with the U.S. Department of Agriculture on a new Web application that can be used to personalize the government’s dietary recommendations from MyPyramid. The company developed the new online calculator as part of its ongoing involvement with the MyPyramid Corporate Challenge, a government/science/industry effort to educate the public on balanced eating and physical activity as a way to fight obesity. The tool launched last week to coincide with USDA Small Changes Summit in Washington, which showcased accomplishments of Corporate Challenge partners.

MyPyramid was created by the USDA to provide recommendations for the amount of fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, meat and beans that people should eat daily. It also recommends that people exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The new Campbell application shows people how its products can help them meet their dietary needs.

"We know that eating well can be challenging," said Chor-San Khoo, VP of Campbell's Global Nutrition & Health. "[T]his online application…helps educate the public on healthy eating. It shows the small changes people can make to get more vegetables and whole grains with options that are lower in fat, sodium and calories, while enjoying convenient Campbell products, including Campbell's soups, V8 juices, Prego Italian sauces and Pepperidge Farm breads and crackers."

Campbell's MyPyramid tool can be found in the Nutrition & Wellness section of the Web site. Users can personalize the application by entering their age, gender, weight and height, and activity level into the calculator. Then, as they "mouse over" the MyPyramid visual, the calculator offers recommended intake for each food group and suggests Campbell products and recipes that can help them to meet those goals.

People can register on the site and use the personalized tool on subsequent visits. The site additionally provides sample menus for various calorie and sodium levels that feature Campbell products as a way to help build a healthy diet.

Since the Corporate Challenge's introduction in June 2008, over 50 companies and trade associations have developed new ideas, programs, products, and promotions involving either customers or employees. Among its members are food companies, consumer electronic companies, apparel companies and game companies.

Camden, N.J.-based Campbell's portfolio of market-leading brands include Campbell's, Pepperidge Farm and V8.
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