California Tree Fruit Agreement Launches 'Cal State PPN'

REEDLEY, Calif. -- The California Tree Fruit Agreement (CTFA) based here is taking higher learning to the next level this spring with the launch of "Cal State PPN," a new online program that aims to educate retail produce professionals on everything they need to know about California peaches, plums, and nectarines.

CTFA created Cal State PPN as part of its comprehensive PPN Network, the latter of which serves as the strategic marketing resource for the California peach, plum, and nectarine industry, as well as for the retail and foodservice trade.

In an effort to reach out to all personnel from store-level to management, Cal State PPN offers a complete range of studies, from handling to ripeness preferences. In addition to allowing visitors to learn about fruit handling from harvest to retail shelf, store employees can learn specific background-handling protocols and fruit ripening behavior, while produce professionals can analyze consumer research and learn how to answer common questions asked by consumers.

"Cal State PPN was designed to provide enhanced education that is convenient for retailers so that they can best communicate the nuances of our fruit to the staff and customers," said Sheri Mierau, president of CTFA. "As an added bonus, we've also created an incentive program to get store employees excited about going to Cal State PPN."

Cal State PPN is also available at the CTFA download center in PowerPoint format.

This summer, retailers and media will also be able to access the CTFA download center for point-of-sale materials, marketing research, and targeted promotional tools that they can customize by adding their own logos.

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