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CAC's First Major Media Campaign in Full Swing

With prime California avocado season underway, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) has kicked off the most wide-reaching consumer media campaign in its history.

"We're forecasting 340 million pounds for the 2008 California avocado harvest, which is an increase of 81 million pounds versus the 2007 season," said CAC director of industry affairs Guy Witney. "While this estimate is slightly lower than the pre-season forecast, there's an abundance of outstanding fruit in the market. From a quality perspective this year's California avocado crop is one of the best I've seen in the last decade."

For the first time ever, CAC is advertising via national television. Commercial spots on The Food Network feature California Avocado grower Carl Stucky and the new "Hand Grown in California" messaging.

CAC is also advertising in top culinary and home magazines. The ads feature the personal stories of various California Avocado growers to help consumers link the avocados they enjoy with the families who grow them.

Augmenting the penetration of the California Avocado Grower campaign, CAC is utilizing Internet advertising on,, and more than 60 food-related Web sites in the Google network.

In core avocado markets California Avocado Grower radio ads as well as outdoor advertising on billboards and transit shelters near retail grocery locations remind potential shoppers of the campaign messages when and where they are likely to shop. Transit ads on the Bay Area's Rapid Transit (BART) system will spread the word to commuters, and in San Francisco and Los Angeles many health-conscious consumers will see California Avocado Grower posters while they exercise in their fitness centers.

CAC is further supporting those efforts by placing the California avocado grower story at store level with bold floor graphic ads, shopping cart signs, and California avocado display bins designed to encourage impulse purchases of fresh California avocados.
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