Cabot, Ahold USA Banners Offer ‘Low’ Fat Tuesday Recipes

While people around the world usher in the Lenten season by celebrating Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday,” Cabot Creamery and Ahold USA banners Stop & Shop and Giant Food are rolling out healthy “Low” Fat Tuesday recipes.

Giant Food and Stop & Shop shoppers throughout the Boston, Connecticut, New York metro and Baltimore/D.C./Virginia metro areas can pick up the Vermont-based dairy cooperative’s free Low Fat Tuesday recipe brochure featuring 17 recipes, including Harvest Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Mayo, Spicy Hot Potato Soup, and Spinach-Cheese Ravioli (pictured).

The recipes use reduced-, low- and nonfat dairy foods such as Cabot’s 50% and 75% Reduced Fat Cheddars, and 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar with Omega-3 DHA.

“Switching to Cabot’s 50% and 75% reduced Fat Cheddar cheese in your recipes is a simple way to reduce fat intake without sacrificing taste, and equally important to many, the consistency of your recipes,” noted Cabot health and education programs manager Sara Wing. “Unlike other reduced-fat cheddars, Cabot’s 50% and 75% Reduced Fat Cheddars melt evenly and complement recipes ranging from snacks to full-course meals. The USDA 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that the daily intake of saturated fat be less than 10 percent of total calories, and total fat intake should account for no more than 35 percent of one’s total daily calories. The recipes in our free Low Fat Tuesday are a great way to help meet these guidelines.”

Added Andrea Astrachan, consumer advisor at Stop & Shop/Giant Food: “This is a great way for consumers to celebrate the lighter spirit of Mardi Gras. The recipes are festive, fun, and, best of all, a lot healthier, since they are made with Cabot’s reduced-fat cheddar and other high-quality low- and nonfat dairy foods.”

Free brochure copies are available at Stop & Shop pharmacies or at or
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