CAB Salutes More Top Retailer Sales Performers

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CAB Salutes More Top Retailer Sales Performers

Having named Schenectady, N.Y.-based Price Chopper; Talequah, Okla.-based Reasor’s Inc.; and Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Meijer, Inc., among others, top retail performers at a recent annual conference, Certified Angus Beef, LLC also recognized a number of its other retail partners for their successful brand-building abilities.

Following No. 1 Meijer and No. 2 Price Chopper, CAB’s other top retail sales performers in the Large Chain Retailer category (more than 50 stores) include:

No. 3: Schnuck Markets Inc., Saint Louis, Mo. Specialized training programs for meat staff, department leaders and executives shared brand benefits and cooking tips, and customers learned about the brand via the new “Schnucks Cooks” magazine.

No. 4: Giant Eagle, Inc., Pittsburgh. Consistent marketing and dedication to the brand boosted sales 7 percent. Efforts included a holiday roast promotion, advertising the flatiron steak, and in-store cooking demonstrations hosted by the brand’s corporate chef.

No. 5: Giant Food Stores, Carlisle, Pa. Giant’s circular included frequent brand promotions, as well as joint promotions with Choice cuts to help customers trade up to the brand for its assured quality.

In addition to No. 2 Reasor’s, Inc. and No. 5 Foodland Super Markets, Ltd., Wooster, Ohio-based CAB also recognized the following retailers for outstanding sales volume in the Small Chain Retailer category (fewer than 50 stores):

No. 1: Strack & Van Til Supermarket, Highland, Ind. Continued emphasis on end meats and value-added products allows this retailer to serve a diversified customer base. Weekly features and event sponsorships attracted customers to its Ultra Foods and Town & Country stores.

No. 3: HEB Mexico, Escobedo, Mexico. HEB Mexico posted double-digit sales increases in four middle-meat categories. New signage in the meat department positioned the brand as one of HEB’s own. It began offering deli meats in 15 stores and recently launched marinated chuck rolls.

No. 4: Skogen’s Festival Foods, Onalaska, Wis. This 100 percent CAB retailer expanded sales with holiday roast promotions and the addition of Prime cuts. Extensive marketing and training initiatives supported the Prime launch.

Butler Refrigerated Meats, of Harmony, Pa., posted a 5 percent sales increase, enabling Giant Eagle’s fresh meat division to garner the Top Sales Volume Retail Distributor award for its efforts to keep the brand’s licensed retail stores stocked and ready to serve customers.

Supervalu-Midwest Region, based in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., earned distinction as CAB’s second top sales volume retail distributor, followed by Oklahoma City’s Associated Wholesale Grocers, which earned the No. 3 spot with a 9 percent increase driven by one- and three-day primal sales.

The Top Sales Volume Cooperative award was presented to Topco Associates, Inc. of Skokie, Ill., for the 11th consecutive year. A 29 percent increase in sales through its longtime, dedicated customers continued Topco’s domination of this category.

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