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Buyer/Merchandiser, Store Supervisor Appointed at AG New England

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- AG New England here said yesterday that Steve Gorski would succeed the retiring Al Banning as buyer/merchandiser. Gorski will additionally serve as store supervisor for AG Supermarket, Inc., the retail subsidiary that operates Vista Foods, Harvest Market, and Riverview stores, guiding the implementation of programs in various departments.

"Steve's background encompasses both the retail and wholesale aspects of the grocery industry," said AG Supermarkets general manager Tim Merrill in a statement.

Gorski, who will report to Merrill, has been a sales representative and store manager, as well as serving as regional technology manager for Supervalu. He moved on to handle regional retail systems and serve as pricing manager and then, at NETS Electronics, rose to senior account manager. A New Ipswich, N.H. resident, Gorski joins AG New England from Cricenti's stores, where he was general manager.

AG New England is owned entirely by independent retail grocers as members of a cooperative and is the largest retailer-owned, wholesale grocery distribution center in New England. The company serves independent retail food stores in Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the upstate New York/Albany area.
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