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Busch's First Supermarket Chain to Receive NSF Certification

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Busch's Inc., an 11-store operator based here, has become the first supermarket chain to receive NSF International's FreshCheck certification.

NSF's FreshCheck is a comprehensive food safety certification program that helps manage risks while improving the quality and shelf life of perishables.

"Busch's is the first retailer to voluntarily subscribe to a program where outside expert auditors evaluate their food safety practices and sample food for freshness and safety," said Nancy Culotta, NSF's v.p. of retail food safety. "This program provides consumers with assurance that the perishable food they purchase at Busch's is of the highest quality."

Culotta said that Busch's met NSF's requirements stipulating that all Busch's stores participate in the program, conduct monthly audits and earn test scores that meet NSF certification requirements, and ensure that a certified food manager -- a person who has successfully been trained in food safety practices -- is on every shift where food is being prepared or served.

"We take our responsibility seriously and decided long ago to be proactive about food safety," said Dan Courser, Busch's corporate operations officer. "We are passionate about food; it only makes sense to embrace food safety as part of our overall strategy to bring fresh food to our guests. Our affiliation with NSF has developed into a valued partnership."
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