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Buehler’s Bowls 'Em Over with 'Fair-goer Favorites'

Buehler’s Dining Hall – formerly the Grange Dining Hall – is among the hottest tickets at Ohio's Wayne County Fair, Sept. 10-15.

The Fair Board and Buehler’s worked together to remove an old drop ceiling, add new lighting, re-equip the kitchen, and provide a fresh coat of paint and archived Wayne County Fair pictures on the walls.

The biggest, draw, however, is the menu, loaded with “fair-goer favorites” such as meat loaf, ham loaf, breaded chicken tenders and shredded chicken sandwiches. A menu for kids ages 12 and under is $5 and includes an entrée and two side dishes. An adult “meal deal” is $8. A la carte items include Buehler’s signature Creamsticks for $2.

Buehler’s, based in Wooster, Ohio, offers chef-prepared entrées and sides at a number of its 14 stores. 

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