Brookshire’s Lighting Tech Drives 95% Energy Reduction

Brookshire Grocery Co. has made a series of sustainability improvements in its Tyler, Texas-based distribution warehouses, including the introduction of LED lights and lighting controls, resulting in a 95 percent reduction in energy usage, according to the company.

The light fixtures, which use cutting-edge technology to provide analytical feedback regarding occupancy and maintenance, can be controlled separately with time and light-level variable controls to help keep lights dimmed or off when not in use.

“These updates represent a paradigm shift in lighting, which means we use the energy when we need it, where we need it and at the level we need it,” said Greg Nordyke, executive vice president – corporate development.

“Before the upgrades, light flooded into all areas all the time, now it is concentrated into only areas where and when it’s needed," Nordyke added. "With the integrated controls we can tailor the lighting levels of all spaces to meet the actual work needs at any time of the day, week, or year."

Brookshire Grocery Co. operates 152 stores in three states -- Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas -- with three distribution centers and seven manufacturing facilities.

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