Brawny Moves Into Social Media

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Brawny Moves Into Social Media


Brawny, a brand of Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific, has launched an integrated social media campaign that includes the rollout of Facebook page and Twitter handle for the paper towel line. The social media outlets enable consumers to engage with and learn more about the product, receive cleaning tips, and hear about upcoming promotions.

A series of videos focusing on a young boy named Charlie explores the ways he and Brawny towels act as cleaning partners for the whole family. The Charlie videos feature amusing dramatizations of typical household messes easily cleared up by Brawny towels. A digital coupon will also be available through the Brawny Facebook page.

Additionally, Brawny towels now come in larger-roll size packs to accommodate those who want to buy in bulk. The product has also been improved to be even stronger when wet. Georgia-Pacific offers a money-back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with the towels’ performance. In terms of packaging, Brawny towels have evolved into a more distinctive look, with The Brawny Man positioned high on the pack, standing behind the Brawny brand logo. Building on how the familiar advertising icon personifies the trust and dependability of the brand, the highly visible yellow packaging features a unique emboss to draw the consumer’s attention to the shelf.