Book Says 'Latinization' Changing U.S. Business, Culture

CHICAGO - "Latinization," a movement of pan-Latino values and trends, is reshaping contemporary American culture, according to a new book on the phenomenon that suggests how to create successful marketing messages, and advises corporations on how to develop Latino leaders and forge better relationships with their Latino employees.

At over 44 million, the Hispanic population is the largest ethnic group in the United States, as well as the fastest growing. The new book, "Latinization: How Latino Culture is Transforming the U.S." focuses on the positive influences Latinos are having on their adopted country, covering topics from culture, to the high value Latinos place on family relationships, to their love of food. Supermarket sales of tortillas are actually rising, while bread sales are in decline, says the book's author, Cristina Benitez.

"Latinization" also illustrates how Latinos have affected purchasing habits, new product development, and Internet usage. Featuring a foreword by Henry Cisneros, "Latinization" additionally includes the ideas of 20 Latino experts in various fields.

Benitez in 1998 founded Lazos Latinos, a Chicago-based strategic branding and advertising company focused on the Hispanic market. In 2005, she created the concept of Latinization to help Fortune 500 companies and empower Latino leaders.

Benitez advises such top-tier corporations and organizations as Exelon, Kraft, General Electric, PepsiCo, and Deloitte Consulting.

Her new book is published by Paramount Market Publishing.
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