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Biotech Industry Goes After Trans Fat

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - The fight to remove trans fat from the U.S. food supply is getting a boost from the biotech industry, as Monsanto announces today at the American Dietetic Association conference in San Antonio its plans to help create trans-fat-free products, according to an article in USA Today.

Monsanto is expected to outline a three-phase soybean breeding project that could lead to a new generation of saturated- and trans-fat-free products.

Dow AgroSciences has said it is working on a similar low-saturated-fat canola oil, though it's not as far along, according to the report. It already has both low-linolenic-acid canola and sunflower oils.

One buyer with a national supermarket chain told USA Today there's consumer "uncertainty" about bioengineered products, but the enormous trend toward "everything diet" might overcome that.
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