Big Y Pouring Over $3 Million Into Store Revamps

Big Y Foods, Inc. is investing in four supermarket renovations, with a goal of greater efficiency and energy resource conservation. Company officials say they intend to spend more than $3 million to upgrade the stores. These overhauls will all use more than 25 contractors from the grocer’s market area of Connecticut and western Massachusetts, including architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, and heating, ventilation, and air conditions, thereby giving an added boost to the local economy.

“As a locally owned and operated company, Big Y continues to aggressively invest in its employees and its facilities in order to better serve the communities in which we operate and to conserve our energy resources into the future,” said VP – real estate & development Frank J. Horacek. “[T]hese investments will help the company to exceed our customers’ evolving expectations during these challenging economic times.”

The Big Y Supermarket in Adams, Mass., has just completed the addition of a Big Y Pharmacy, marking the 33rd such location for the chain.

In Stafford, Conn., the Big Y World Class Market will incorporate the Big Y Pharmacy from another location in the shopping center to within the supermarket. Renovations will include the use of such innovative technologies as more energy efficient appliances and LED lights. Refrigerated cases will employ high-efficiency fan motors, and the “waste” heat from the refrigeration units will be captured to supply the store’s hot-water needs. Plans additionally include new and upgraded rest rooms and voluntary compliance with the state of Connecticut’s Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) initiative, which helps to reduce groundwater pollution by separating these byproducts from wastewater and town storm drains.

The Naugatuck, Conn., Big Y World Class Market will receive upgrades in many of its fresh food sections, including the delicatessen, the prepared food department and produce, providing more energy efficiency and increased space to stock more natural foods and beverages. Additionally, more energy-efficient lighting will enhance customer shopping.

The Monroe, Conn., Big Y World Class Market will get an interior renovation to its delicatessen, prepared food section, bottle return room and rest rooms, in addition to new floor tiles, an improved ceiling and some exterior work. All new cases will also be outfitted with high-efficiency motors and have increased “R” value, adding to the decrease of their carbon footprint.

Further, as well as small improvements in about a dozen supermarkets, Big Y has untaken to widen several grocery aisles and install energy-efficient refrigerated cases where possible. Across the chain, new computer technology has enabled the checkout process to proceed more rapidly and securely. Finally, new security cameras are being placed in each location so as to deter theft and increase customer security.

The upgrades are expected to be completed by by late fall or the end of 2009, according to the grocer.

Springfield, Mass.-based Big Y, one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England, operates 57 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts, with over 9,100 employees.
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