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Big Y Foods Extends Workforce Selection Technology Partnership

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Following a successful four-year partnership, Big Y Foods has extended the contract with its automated workforce selection provider through July 2009.

The chief reason for Big Y's renewed contract with Portland, Ore.-based Unicru is the hiring solutions' contribution to the grocer's bottom line, via a reduction of replacement costs. "We are only as good as the people who work for us," said Jack Henry, v.p. of human resources at Big Y. "The competitive edge goes to the company that can hire better people who will stay longer, thereby strengthening the reputation and brand."

Big Y initially contracted with Unicru in 2001 to help automate the selection of its workforce. Unicru enabled Big Y to do this through numerous product features and benefits that include a reduction in pre-hire screening and administrative labor, including the preparation of new hire paperwork, the ability to screen large groups of applicants for new store openings while saving on advertising costs, and increasing tax credit capture through eligibility screening during the application process.

In August of last year, Big Y used its employee data to validate Unicru's Safety Performance Assessment, a tool aimed at helping to reduce worker compensation claim rates, while lowering the cost of claims by identifying the likelihood an individual will be involved in a workplace accident, and how likely they are to stay off work afterward. (To see the full story, visit:

Unicru currently provides workforce selection solutions for more than 60 retail enterprises including Albertsons, Raley's, Kroger, Blockbuster, and CVS.
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