Bi-Lo Extends Deployment of Workforce Management System

Bi-Lo, a grocery store chain with 207 locations serving Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, has extended the deployment of its hiring solution from Chelmsford, Mass.-bnased Kronos.

“We initially chose Kronos because we felt its assessments would give us an edge over the competition as well as for the obvious cost savings and paper reduction benefits,” David J. Gill, compensation, HRIS manager, Bi-Lo. “We’ve stayed with Kronos because we’ve been happy with the results, and feel the company has been a good business partner.”

Bi-Lo uses Kronos’ selection science to identify candidates who are likely to perform better and stay longer with the company. This results in hiring managers spending less time weeding out unqualified applicants and filling positions more quickly.

The service is well-liked b y applicants, as well, according to Kronos. Using the system, applicants create one profile to apply for multiple jobs, can easily upload their resume, and sign up to receive emails about job openings. Once an applicant is hired, the Kronos system provides time-saving measures such as sending offer letters automatically, sharing data with Bi-Lo’s HRIS system, and enabling many on-boarding activities to occur remotely.

The Kronos solution also gives Bi-Lo visibility into its entire pool of applicants. Prior to using Kronos, a candidate would apply at one location and if that location didn’t need staff, but another location a few miles away did, there was no way to share applications or know of that need. With Kronos, candidates are pooled so that multiple locations have access to qualified candidates.



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