Bi-Lo to Better Tailor Shelf Assortments Using Planning and Forecasting Applications

MAULDIN, S.C. -- Bi-Lo, LLC here is implementing JDA Portfolio applications that it licensed in the first quarter of 2005 to support its micro-marketing strategies, Scottsdale, Ariz.-based JDA Software Group, Inc. said yesterday.

The retailer hopes to increase customer satisfaction at its 426 Bi-Lo and Bruno's supermarkets throughout the Southeast by implementing additional Portfolio Planning and Forecasting applications to deliver shelf assortments tailored toward more specific local customer demand.

"At Bi-Lo, we've embraced a strategy of getting closer to our customer," said Carol deWitt, Bi-Lo's v.p. of information systems, in a statement. "By licensing Intactix Knowledge Base, and adding Space and Floor Planning by Intactix licenses, we expect to greatly enhance our ability to deliver a precisely tailored product assortment to each of our localized markets."

"The end result of expanding our micro-marketing efforts will produce a win-win for everyone. Our customers' satisfaction should increase because our stores will do a better job of appealing to our customer demographics in specific neighborhoods. Our company will win because the optimized shelf assortments should drive increased traffic, sales, and profits, which really are our ultimate goals," deWitt said.
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