Berry Delicious

Well-Pict Berries has added two new strawberry varieties to its roster. Having completed the first year of production, the new plants were specifically developed to produce larger berries later in the season, without sacrificing any of their naturally delicious flavor. Not only will this make for bigger strawberries to create even more beautiful displays in stores, but will also help increase overall sales in produce departments across the country carrying the Well-Pict label. There’s also good news for raspberries coming from Watsonville, Calif.-based Well-Pict this fall: the company’s new proprietary varietal will deliver even larger raspberries in the months ahead. Additionally, raspberry availability will increase, thanks to a longer growing season. To help boost fall berry sales, Well-Pict is offering newly designed POS display kits. Featuring large format posters, display signage and custom recipe booklets, the appealing kits employ Well-Pict photography and graphics. For more information, visit or call Dan Crowley at (831) 722-3871.
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