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Beef Checkoff Revamps Training

The Beef Checkoff is launching the newly revamped Beef University – or Beef U – a free, online training program for the latest information, insights and research on marketing and selling beef.

With beef supplies on the rise for 2017, this tool serves as a compliment to supply chain staff training aimed to help capitalize on the product’s profit potential.

The revamped Beef U includes the latest data and industry insights on hot topics in a new, condensed and more user-friendly format. Each module can be viewed in about 15 to 20 minutes and includes a brief quiz at its conclusion. Once a user completes a module, they can access resources related to the topic.

Developed for supply chain partners, such as grocery retailers, foodservice operators, packers and processors, but open to anyone interested in learning more about beef, the program provides staff training and professional development resources on current topics including:

- Raising Beef:  Learn how beef is raised, information on the beef lifecycle from farm-to-fork, the beef community’s commitment to animal welfare and strategies to help answer customer questions about beef production.

- Nutrition and Health: Learn how beef deliciously delivers important nutrients, such as protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins, as well as the latest findings on beef labeling and how to market beef’s nutritional story within grocery retail stores and restaurants.

- Beef Basics and Cuts: Learn the fundamentals of beef inspection and grading, as well as beef flavor, tenderness and composition, how the beef community is answering consumer demand for beef that fits their changing lifestyles and details on various beef cuts and cooking methods that enhance the beef eating experience.

- The Modern Consumer: Learn the latest research on how today’s consumer approaches shopping, meal preparation and dining out, as well as what drives and impacts beef purchasing behavior to help boost operators’ bottom lines.

“The new format encourages learner engagement while getting right to the meat of the topics presented,” said Buck Wehrbein, a cattle feeder for Mead Cattle Co. and co-chair of the Beef Checkoff’s innovation subcommittee. “The information presented in this updated content represents the latest industry knowledge, so we encourage everyone, even those who have completed Beef U in the past, to check out these new courses.”

Beef U is designed to assist management teams in educating and training their employees on how best to market and sell beef. The training program is free, but users will be prompted to register before they can view the content and become a member of the Beef U online community. Private groups can be created for companies seeking to track staff progress.




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