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Baesler's Market Launches Fuel Cross-Marketing Program

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - Baesler's Market, a family business that has operated here for more than a century, has implemented an automation and cross-marketing program between its fuel and store offerings.

The program, called Reward Marketplace, by Irving, Texas-based CCISTech, Inc., gives shoppers discounts at the pump when they purchase any of the 800 grocery products identified in the store as being part of the program.

"I would hate to be in the grocery business and not have gasoline," said Bob Baesler, who heads up the business that has been in the family for 110 years. "The convenience factor helps grocery sales. The rewards program encourages customers to shop at the store and buy particular items to save on gas."

The marketing program in the store includes easily identifiable shelf talkers that inform customers of grocery products in the promotion. Customers earn discounts based on their purchases and redeem their discounts at the pump.

The program is integrated into the retailer's loyalty card program, called Baesler's Preferred Purchase. Using the card, shoppers are able to accumulate discounts from multiple shopping trips onto their reward account and then redeem them by simply swiping their card at the pump. Discounts can accumulate on the loyalty card database and be used for a large fuel purchase.

The Reward Marketplace suite has been installed by a number of grocers around the country, including Harmons in Utah, Buehler Foods in Indiana, and Farm Fresh in Virginia. This widespread geographic footprint provides a platform for expansion of Reward Marketplace throughout the country.

Baesler's Market will also rely on CCISTech's technology to integrate fuel-site operations with the Point of Sale (POS) system in the store, which will help in facilitating additional cross-marketing initiatives in the future.
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