Association of Coupon Professionals Supports Change to GS1 Databar

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Association of Coupon Professionals Supports Change to GS1 Databar


The Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) said it supports the coupon industry as it makes the final transition to the single, GS1 Databar, from the current interim dual barcode.

For most coupons currently in circulation, there are two/dual barcodes -- one is smaller and the second, also known as a GS1 DataBar, is larger and typically has two layers. With this industry-wide change, the first, and smaller, barcode is being removed while the GS1 DataBar will officially remain.

GS1 DataBar codes have been implemented on most coupons since 2008, and can hold more data within it that helps manufacturers and retailers better validate purchases to the coupon itself.

“Barcodes on coupons do not change very often so when they do there can be some confusion by consumers and cashiers, even to the point that they might be considered fraudulent,” said John Morgan, executive director of ACP. “Be assured that a coupon with only the GS1 DataBar is likely not fraudulent, and just that it has been transitioned to the newer barcode technology.”

The association said that consumers can be assured that coupons featuring both codes can be interpreted as valid and acceptable through their expiration date.