Associated Food Stores to Use Trans Fat-Free Cooking Oil in Delis

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Associated Food Stores to Use Trans Fat-Free Cooking Oil in Delis

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- Associated Food Stores last week converted the cooking oil for all 350 of its grocery delis to zero trans fat canola oil.

The new oil, called Nutra-Clear, is low in saturated fat, and contains a high level of heart-healthy (omega-9) monounsaturated fat, according to Bunge Oils, the supplier.

“Nutra-Clear gives us the opportunity to help get trans fat out of local diets, while also reducing saturated fat,” said Barry Holinski, director of bakery/service deli for the retailer-owned wholesaler cooperative, Associated Food Stores. “Because many of the zero trans fat oils on the market actually raise saturated fat levels, it was important for us to find an oil that does not exchange one unhealthy fat for another.”

Items prepared in the zero trans fat oil include fried chicken, burritos, corn dogs, and potato logs.

“Our customers have come to love the taste of the foods the delis at Associated Food Stores serve, so it was very important that we maintain those, while also working to make our foods healthier,” said Holinski. “And though making this change was really the best thing to do for our customers, it has also been good for our business. We¹re actually saving money by taking advantage of the extended fry-life this oil offers.”

Associated Food Stores serves more than 500 independent stores throughout eight Mountain West and Western states.