Associated Food Stores Introduces Online Ordering

Associated Food Stores (AFS) has partnered with software company Rosie to offer online/mobile shopping for customers of its corporate and member retailers. The software also provides consumer behavior and data analysis as well as offering new marketing opportunities.

“We are delighted to team with Rosie to bring a new shopping experience to our guests,” said Neal Berube, president and CEO of AFS. “This alliance will transform the way people shop throughout the Intermountain West, how AFS operates and how independent retailers serve their guests.”

The new platform allows customers to place orders online and pick up the groceries at their local grocery store; some retailers will offer delivery service as well. The cloud-based software works with all POS systems, tracks consumer shopping habits, builds grocery lists from that user’s frequently purchased items and recommends items based on what has been purchased before.

Saveway Market in Salmon, Idaho, is the first retailer to debut Rosie’s services to its customers. The program, called Saveway Swift, will launch Feb. 2 and offer in-store pickup; delivery will be added soon. Other retailers scheduled to launch the Rosie platform include Lee’s Marketplace in Logan, Utah, Winegars Supermarkets in Roy and Bountiful, Utah, and Clark’s Markets in Snowmass, Colo.

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