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Armed For Success

Manthan Systems provides cutting-edge guidance for grocers.

Grocery is a unique, vast and complex world unto itself, driven by customers, and changing every nanosecond. Succeeding in such a dynamic environment requires astute analytical decision-making based on relevant, current and complete information that's easy to access, display and share, contend experts at Schaumburg, Ill.-based Manthan Systems, a leading producer of retail analytics and performance management solutions.

To constantly move a retail organization in the right direction, all collaborative decision-makers need intelligence pertinent to their roles and specific business processes. With this in mind, Manthan offers the following insights to accomplish this forward movement.


Give the business control and eliminate IT bottlenecks. Without delay, business users should be able to explore different viewpoints. A category view can lead to a brand question; a brand view can spark a price point or location question. The end user should be able to easily create exceptions, filters and alerts, and drill down or across to find and quickly understand available business opportunities.


Unless the experience is rewarding and easy, business users will push requests for information and access back to IT, thereby losing the competitive advantage of making strategic decisions faster than the competition. Information should be available in a variety of formats, including Excel, .pdf, Q&A or even a lively, colorful dashboard view. And when you need to know right now, info should be on your mobile phone.

Comprehensive Information

You can't feel confident in making decisions unless you know you have all of the relevant intelligence necessary to take action, including market data, space data, competitive data, market share analysis, category comparative analysis, YOY category performance, category productivity analysis and space productivity.


What good is intelligence if you can't be productive with it? Crucial, business process-oriented, retail information in presentation-ready formats empower you to take action immediately. Price changes, product deletions, staff scheduling, DSD delivery and promotions can all be addressed and acted upon swiftly.


Intelligence helps you to make quick decisions, but more importantly, it also helps you to make big decisions. The more you learn, the wider your scope becomes, which leads to greater opportunities for monumental change and growth in the areas of SKU rationalization, market basket analysis, customer churn and ABC analysis.

Make it Quick

In this competitive environment, buying a toolkit, and taking the months or years required to develop and deploy a solution, is just not acceptable to the business. A complete and fully functional solution featuring all of these best practices and more should be deployed in your organization in just months. Among the points to consider:


Sales and Margin

Sales Space Productivity

Growth Trend Analysis

Operational Performance


Plan vs. Performance

Category Analysis

Growth Trending

Item Productivity

New Product Performance


Purchase Analysis

Open-to-buy Management

Vendor Performance

Vendor Productivity

Rebate Analysis

To constantly move a retail organization in the right direction, all collaborative decision-makers need intelligence pertinent to their roles and specific business processes.


Brand, Style, Color, Size

Private Label Versus Brand

Item Performance

Width and Depth Analysis

Seasonal Analysis

Attribute Analysis


Inventory Analysis

Aging Analysis

Stock Ledger

Out-of-stock Analysis

Excess Short Inventory


Price Range Analysis

Price Point Analysis

Markdown Analysis

Item Discount Analysis


Promotion Performance

PR Lift Analysis

Promoted Item Analysis

Promotion Trend Analysis


Space Performance Analysis

Planogram Performance


Facing Analysis

End Cap Analysis

Loss Prevention

Shrinkage Analysis

Exception Reporting

High Risks

Refunds and Void

Store Operations



Employee Productivity by Hour, Shift, Day

When analytics are fine-tuned to responsibilities, retail category partners will not only save valuable time with timely, insightful decisions, but also gain critical insights to improve merchandise performance and boost the bottom line.

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