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Apio, Inc. Technology Group Launches BreatheWay Web Site

GUADALUPE, Calif. -- Apio, Inc. base here, a subsidiary of Landec Corp., launched a Web site to spread information about its BreatheWay modified atmosphere technology.

Supported by a dedicated staff via the Apio Technology Group, the modified atmosphere technology was previously only available under Apio's Eat Smart branded product line in the United States. With the creation of the Apio Technology Group, the technology is now available for producers and packers to utilize the company's proprietary technology on in a variety of applications worldwide.

The new Web portal offers an in-depth explanation of what BreatheWay is, how modified atmospheres can benefit fresh products, and what makes BreatheWay distinct from other MAP technologies in the marketplace. Apio currently ships approximately 48 million Eat Smart branded packages with BreatheWay technology annually, but the technology is also entering the market through some other notable brands and partners as well.

Earlier this year, Chiquita announced its use of BreatheWay technology with its banana program to Coremark. Using this technology, Chiquita is able to achieve five to seven days of additional shelf life on their bananas and enter new markets. As such, Chiquita bananas are now becoming available in non-traditional markets such as mini-marts, gas stations, coffee chains, drug stores, convenience stores, and quick serve outlets.

The company said retailers can expect to see BreatheWay introduced in a variety of new products in the future due to its unique flexibility of design and extended shelf life capability. From consumer packages of rigid or flexible material to large commercially sized packages, the technology regulates the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the package to maintain optimum atmospheres for flavor, texture, and shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Incorporating a distinctive temperature switch polymer, BreatheWay can compensate for changes in temperature that may be experienced during shipping or storages of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Since 1996, Apio Inc. has commercially marketed a complete line of fresh-cut vegetable products using Landec's proprietary BreatheWay specialty packaging under the Eat Smart Brand. In 2004, the company announced it had entered into an exclusive agreement with Chiquita for Apio to supply Chiquita with its proprietary banana packaging technology on a worldwide basis for the ripening, conservation and shelf-life extension of bananas.
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