A&P Selects iTradeNetwork for Fresh Procurement Technology

LIVERMORE, Calif. - iTradeNetwork has been selected by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. to be A&P's central U.S. supply chain management solution provider for fresh product procurement.

Livermore, Calif.-based ITN said the strategic partnership would provide A&P's U.S. operations with an automated fresh food ordering and fulfillment process encompassing suppliers, company distribution facilities, and store networks. ITN's end-to-end solution is designed to improve the efficiency of A&P's procurement process, enabling the supermarket chain to expand its base of fresh food suppliers and reduce costs.

"Our analysis supports a significant operating margin improvement opportunity over the next year for A&P using the ITN solution," said Robert Bonavito, c.e.o. of iTradeNetwork. "The ITN solution is the most flexible and mature product available and boasts a successful track record with retailers and suppliers."
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