American Licorice ‘Draws’ on Red Vines Fans Once More

The 2010 Red Vines Drawing Contest, recently launched by American Licorice Co., asks contestants to submit their own original drawings for a chance to be featured on Red Vines packaging. Multiple winners in various categories will receive prizes ranging up to a $2,500 scholarship or gift card.

This year, for the first time, the contest, which rolled last week out ahead of National Licorice Day (April 12), and will run through Sept. 30, enables entrants to submit a four-color drawing that could appear on 4-pound and 5.5-pound jars of Red Vines, as well as the usual one-color drawings intended for the 5-ounce trays.

“The past two times we’ve run the contest, we’ve been blown away by the level of detail and skill that some contestants have demonstrated and we’re really excited to see what amazing artwork gets submitted this year,” noted Paul Barron, brand portfolio manager for the Bend, Ore.-based company.

Contestants are allowed one entry each for the tray and jar formats, and must submit their hand-drawn artwork on an official entry form that can be downloaded At the close of the submission period, first-, second- and third-place winners will be chosen in various age categories based on a combination of creativity, interest from the judges, and relevance to the brand. Additional prizes include Red Vines candy and gear.

As well as Red Vines, American Licorice Co. manufactures Sour Punch, Extinguisher, Super Ropes, Snaps and Natural Vines candy.
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