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American Decency Assn. Decries Cosmo 'Orgasms' Cover

FREMONT, Mich. -- The American Decency Association, a Christian-based organization committed to educating the general public on matters of decency, ran an ad that appeared in a recent issue of a grocery trade publication urging supermarket operators not to display the May issue of Cosmopolitan because of its sexual content.

The association considers the issue of Cosmopolitan -- which features a headline about orgasms on its cover -- highly inappropriate for the general shopping public. It the ad, it asks two questions of supermarket operators: "Are there no standards of decency in your stores?" and "Will you take a stand for decency and immediately remove the May Cosmopolitan with these offensive headlines from display?"

The ADA regularly urges supermarket chains throughout the country to either remove magazines that display indecent images or titles from their checkout aisles or to place blinders over them. According to the association, in 2001, 24 chains had taken measures to curbing indecency either by way of the use of blinders or removing offensive magazines from the checkout counter and moving them to the magazine aisle.
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