Altierre Launches Wireless Out-of-stock Solution

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Altierre Launches Wireless Out-of-stock Solution

Altierre Corp., a provider of ultra-low-power wireless solutions for retailers, this week launched its Out-of-Stock Sensor Solution, developed to alert retailers when it’s time to restock inventory on shelves.

“Out-of-stocks cost more than $6 billion in lost sales in just the top 25 categories at the U.S. grocery store chains alone, and it’s due to inefficient and insufficient shelf,” said Altierre chairman and CEO Sunit Saxena. “Our Out-of-Stock Sensors are wireless tags that send an alert when products are no longer detected, notifying managers that it’s time to restock. The system continuously monitors shelves 24/7, which is [difficult] to do manually.

The units use the same low-cost infrastructure used by Altierre’s other retail applications, and, according to the company, the radio frequency (RF) technology can communicate around water and metal objects, and is able to monitor large retail stores with only a few access points.

Altierre’s Out-of-Stock Sensor Solution is the latest addition to its Total Store Solution portfolio of digital applications for retail chains. The company recently introduced its first Sensor Network application developed to monitor supermarket hot and cold cases for temperature variations, acting as an early warning system to help prevent food spoilage. To read the Progressive Grocer story on this technology, click here.

The Out-of-Stock Sensor Solution is currently deployed and available for demos in Altierre’s Retail Technology Center, which comprises over 25,000 square feet at its San Jose, Calif., headquarters.

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