Altierre Adds Temperature Sensing to Wireless Store Platform

Altierre Corp. has expanded its line of wireless sensor network applications with the addition of digital temperature tags that monitor hot, refrigerated and freezer cases, and act as a warning system to help prevent spoilage due to temperature changes.

“Food safety and spoilage is a significant concern and problem for all food retailers, and in particular large grocery chains, for whom ready-to-eat and refrigerated prepared foods are an increasingly large percentage of sales,” said Sunit Saxena, chairman and CEO of San Jose, Calif.-based Altierre. “Instead of employees walking around manually reading thermometers throughout the stores, which is subject to human error and delays, our tags monitor refrigerators, freezers and hot cases 24/7 and alert managers to temperature variations via their computer screens, e-mail or text messages.”

Altierre’s temperature tags employ the same infrastructure used for its other applications. “We now offer grocery chains a single low-power wireless infrastructure that supports digital display and display-less sensor applications for operational excellence and dramatically impacts the bottom line,” added CFO and VP of marketing Shan Kumar, a grocery industry veteran who held various senior-level positions during his 16 years at Safeway and was VP of marketing at Albertsons before joining Altierre.

The vendor’s suite of radio frequency (RF)-based applications was developed to enhance productivity, merchandising effectiveness, and the consumer shopping experience in the store. The company’s digital pricing solution is an eco-friendly system that delivers real-time, chain-wide dynamic pricing, to improve price accuracy, and help reduce costs and paper waste.
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