Albertsons Opens Hispanic Format Store in San Diego Area

SAN YSIDRO, Calif. - Albertsons is bringing its Hispanic format, full-service Super Saver store to the San Diego area. Today's opening of the San Ysidro Super Saver is the first expansion of the company's pilot program conducted last August, which included three Super Saver stores in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

"Albertsons is thrilled to open this Super Saver store in San Ysidro," said Dave Simonson, Southern California Division president. "Our Super Saver stores better serve our Hispanic customer base by providing the right variety of authentic products and specialized services at competitive prices every day. Super Saver offers the best value package of quality and price."

Striving to ensure that each Albertsons store is serving the unique needs of its community, the company has been expanding its ethnic food variety over the past few years. Super Saver takes Albertsons' commitment to neighborhood marketing to the next level through enhanced service and fresh departments and bi-lingual ads, in-store signage and associates.

Super Saver provides authentic produce items such as nopales, tomatillas, and an enhanced variety of chiles, peppers and fruits. The carniceria, or meat department, is piled high with marinated meats including milenesa, carne asada and tripe; while the panaderia, or bakery, department has tres leches and bolillo rolls.

Until today the San Ysidro store was operated as a warehouse format store under the banner of Max Foods. The store is 38,000 square feet and is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.
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