Albertson’s, LLC to Install Enterprise Pharmacy Management Solution

Albertson’s, LLC plans to upgrade its pharmacy technology with a turnkey enterprise solution that automates various aspects of the grocer’s pharmacy operations.

The chain selected Ft. Worth, Texas-based PDX and its affiliates and NHIN as its partners for the solution. The grocer will also implement the Electronic Pharmacy Record (EPR), which facilitates complete chain-wide DUR checking and allows patients the convenience of shopping at any Albertson’s, LLC pharmacy. Additionally, NHIN will provide complete submissions, reconciliations, and collections services for Albertson’s, LLC as well as manage its day-to-day central host operations via Host Administrative Services.

“PDX is an industry leader in pharmacy solutions, and it’s highly compatible with our current processes,” said Raymond McCall, VP of pharmacy operations for Boisie, Idaho-based Albertson’s, LLC, which will pilot EPS in pharmacies in Texas and Arizona later this year, and roll out the technology company-wide in 2010.

The company operates approximately 250 stores under the Albertsons banner in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas.
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