Albertsons Debuts New 'Blue Ribbon' Beef Brand

BOISE, Idaho - Albertsons today introduced "Blue Ribbon" Beef, a new, high-quality brand, to its supermarkets across the country. The new brand offers customers a wide range of high-quality roasts and tender-aged steaks that are "guaranteed twice" to meet their satisfaction. The new brand will be marketed under the names "Albertsons Blue Ribbon" in the company' Albertsons stores, "Jewel Blue Ribbon" in its Jewel/Osco stores, and "Lancaster Blue Ribbon" in its Acme stores.

"Albertsons works hard every day to make its customers' lives easier, and our new Blue Ribbon beef brand provides just what customers have told us is important to them in choosing a brand of beef -- guaranteed quality and tenderness at a good value," said Clement Stevens, group v.p., fresh foods, merchandising, and procurement.

"When customers purchase Blue Ribbon beef, they can be confident in having selected a tender and juicy cut of beef that has not only passed rigorous USDA inspection, but has also passed Albertsons' high standards. Albertsons' expert butchers hand-trim each selection of Albertsons Blue Ribbon beef. Customers preferring a specific cut can always ask their neighborhood Albertsons butcher to make special cuts. We are dedicated to offering our customers high-quality beef at a great value, and we're able to do that with Albertsons Blue Ribbon beef."

Albertsons said its Blue Ribbon beef is guaranteed for satisfaction on tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. If a customer isn't completely satisfied, the store will refund the customer's money and replace the cut of beef.

Stevens said the Blue Ribbon introduction marked the latest step in Albertsons' intensive program to provide the best possible value to its customers and further enhance the company's already strong level of customer satisfaction by offering new high-quality products. Recently, Albertsons introduced its premium Essensia line of private label foods, and the company has said that additional exclusive offerings will be introduced in the coming months.
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