AisleBuyer mPromo Delivers Dynamic Promotions to In-Store SmartPhone Users

AisleBuyer LLC, a Boston, Mass.-based provider of in-store mobile commerce solutions for retailers and brand manufacturers, has launched AisleBuyer mPromo, a solution developed to empower brands to become a dynamic part of the shopping process by delivering their offers to a consumer’s smartphone while he or she is standing in the store.

At participating retailers, mPromo helps drive product purchases by allowing brands to push targeted offers and product recommendations to shoppers through AisleBuyer-powered mobile applications.

Here’s how it works: As shoppers scan items with their smartphones, brands can leverage mPromo to deliver competitive or complementary products right on the user’s smartphone screen. Brands can even personalize offers for individual shoppers to improve conversion rates and maximize ROI on marketing spend.

“With mPromo, brands have the opportunity to localize their marketing campaigns at the store level while utilizing data on shopping behavior to deliver targeted recommendations, promotions and coupons,” said Andrew Paradise, AisleBuyer CEO. “Not since the introduction of the endcap display have brands had this much influence over in-aisle purchasing decisions.”

mPromo leverages the merchandising rules engine in the AisleBuyer mobile commerce platform to dynamically generate recommendations and offers based on what is scanned. The AisleBuyer platform offers a range of functionality to couple the right products with the right shoppers, including a dashboard for managing product catalogs, promotions, and coupons. In addition, AisleBuyer provides brands with full visibility into in-store shopping behavior through detailed analytics built to track the success of their campaigns through every stage of the customer lifecycle.


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