Aisle7 Content Explorer Enables Retailers to Spread Wellness Campaigns

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Aisle7 Content Explorer Enables Retailers to Spread Wellness Campaigns


Aisle7, creators of Healthnotes, and other wellness-driven marketing programs, has launched Aisle7 Content Explorer, a solution that allows marketers to execute content-focused wellness campaigns on their website, newsletters, blogs, and social media sites in minutes.

Albertsons LLC, a pilot user, has already benefited from the solution. “At Albertsons we are always looking for innovative ways to keep the conversation going with our shoppers with new shopping ideas and the latest in wellness, said Dan Mackey, director of eBusiness, Albertsons, LLC.” “Aisle7 Content Explorer provides complete control of the articles we want to distribute.”

Aisle7 Content Explorer is a Web-based tool that helps marketers keep pace by providing a powerful search of the extensive Aisle7 wellness library, quick preview technology, and easy-to-use content sharing tools to engage consumers. Aisle7 Content Explorer is free for all Aisle7 ONLINE customers.

“Facebook, Twitter and other social services are accelerating the speed of communication,” said Dr. Skye Lininger, CEO of Portland, Ore.-based Aisle7. “Our clients have told us they need fast access to all of our content to be effective. “Aisle7 Content Explorer simplifies the process. Customers have access to every single piece of content the moment it’s created. More importantly, they can share it with their audience instantaneously without requiring technical or IT resources.”

The Aisle7 content library consists of thousands of wellness articles, content widgets, and decision tools to help consumers make informed self-care choices. With Aisle7 Content Explorer, marketers can quickly perform a detailed search, preview an asset, and publish to the desired marketing channel. A new web page, e-mail message, newsletter article, or Facebook post on a wellness topic can be distributed to an audience in minutes.

Aisle7 Content Explorer also provides a new “Hot Topics” feature that gives marketers relevant content suggestions on what to share. The latest science-based news, seasonal features, and trending topics are featured and updated regularly, providing engaging ideas to create conversations online.

Aisle7 is also making Open Graph tags accessible for every article it publishes. These tags allow a retailer to integrate Aisle7 supplied website content into the social graph. When a user clicks the “Like” button on an Aisle7 ONLINE wellness article, the post in Facebook will have an optimized headline, lead-in text, and image. More importantly, the retailer’s brand will appear in the Facebook “Likes and Interests” section of the shopper’s profile, giving the retailer an open connection with the shopper to publish updates to their Wall which encourages communication and helps build relationships.