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Ahold sets Final Tender Spreads For Bonds

AMSTERDAM -- Royal Ahold N.V. (AHO) Monday announced the final tender spreads for its solicitations of offers to sell up to EUR1 billion equivalent of bonds that were launched on Oct. 11, 2005. The company said it will accept for purchase maximum amounts of the notes at purchase prices based on final tender spreads.

The company has invited all eligible holders of the notes to offer to sell such notes to Ahold Finance and Koninklijke Ahold, respectively, upon the terms and conditions contained in the solicitation memorandum. The Company will also pay accrued and unpaid interest on those Notes accepted for purchase pursuant to the solicitations.

If Ahold Finance receives offers to sell representing aggregate principal amounts of 2017 notes or 2012 notes less than the target principal amounts of GBP 250 million and EUR330 million, respectively, Koninklijke Ahold will increase its target principal amount in respect of the 2008 notes. If the aggregate principal amount of notes offered for sale pursuant to the solicitations exceeds the aggregate principal amount of the notes that the companies agree to accept for purchase, then all orders will be accepted on a pro rata basis as described in the solicitation memorandum.
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