Ahold Denies Board Split Over Spinoff Idea

AMSTERDAM -- A spokesman for Royal Ahold here said yesterday that board members weren't divided over the company's future divestments, contradicting earlier media accounts of a split, according to published reports.

The Financial Times reported that Ahold c.e.o. Anders Moberg sent an email to 800 senior executives, saying that news stories about dissent within the board were "inaccurate."

"There is absolutely no truth in the assertion that the members of the supervisory board or corporate executive board are in any disagreement regarding the future of our company," Moberg reportedly wrote in the e-mail.

Hedge funds Paulson & Co. and Centaurus Capital, which collectively own about 6.4 percent of Ahold, have been pushing the retail conglomerate to sell its U.S. divisions and focus on its core businesses in Europe.
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