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Ahold Appoints Two Executives to U.S. Foodservice Unit

AMSTERDAM - Ahold today announced it has appointed two people to fill key positions at its U.S. Foodservice unit.

The Dutch retailer selected former lawyer Robert Aiken as e.v.p. for strategy with special responsibility for governance throughout U.S. Foodservice. Aiken formerly served as president of Metz Baking Co, now part of the Sara Lee group, and as president of Milwaukee Sign Co.

Garry Brown, a consultant specialist in restructuring troubled business, was appointed s.v.p. of procurement. He previously worked as a consultant for A.T. Kearney and Alix Partners.

The men filled posts vacated by two U.S. Foodservice executives in charge of purchasing and marketing who were dismissed last year after a one-billion-euro ($1.22 billion) accounting scandal.

U.S. Foodservice, which forced out several senior executives, has tightened its internal controls and audit policy since the accounting problems were first publicly revealed in February last year.

Ahold's new c.e.o., Anders Moberg, wants to restore value at U.S. Foodservice before deciding whether to keep or divest the unit, the second-biggest U.S. food supplier to hotels, schools and catering firms.
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