AgroFresh Appoints John L. Buckley President

SPRING HOUSE, Pa. -- John L. Buckley has been named the new president for AgroFresh based here.

As AgroFresh's new leader, Buckley will continue the rapid expansion of the company that has become a presence in more than 23 countries. He will also have additional responsibility for making steady and technologically advanced strides for AgroFresh on the global stage as well as exploring other acquisitions and alliances to help achieve its vision.

Buckley began his career as a process engineer for manufactured materials company Rohm and Haas in 1983. He was subsequently promoted to operations and commercial roles in other divisions, including managing operations in Latin America and leading sales and marketing positions in both Brazil and at company headquarters in Philadelphia. Pa.

After a stint as global business manager for Graver Technologies, an international business based in Newark, Del., Buckley rejoined Rohm and Haas in 1998 to take positions in business management and global marketing. Most recently, he served as general manager and leader of a $325 million division of the company before joining AgroFresh.

A graduate of Villanova University with honors in 1983, Buckley has also completed MBA coursework at Drexel University. He was recently elected to the board of directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia. Buckley, his wife Tracey, and their two boys reside in Moorestown, N.J.

AgroFresh's flagship offering, SmartFresh, is a state-of the-art produce storage solution helps safely maintain the "fresh-picked quality" of fruits and vegetables from harvest time to checkout line. The quality system, currently backed by a global team of over 70 professionals, is used during the storage and transport of ethylene sensitive fruits or vegetables and give packers and shippers the flexibility to ship, market and sell consistently high quality produce including apples, bananas, melons, tomatoes and avocados. Retailers benefit from reduced risk of shrink, repeat purchases by satisfied customers and category growth.
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