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Agribuys Announces New Expansion

TORRANCE, Calif. - Agribuys, the leading supply-chain integrator for the food industry, on Thursday announced the opening of its new global headquarters in Torrance.

The new facility, which is almost twice the size of its existing location, was necessary to accommodate the rapid increase in business that the company is experiencing.

The company also announced an internal restructuring that increased emphasis on the key areas required to support its forward-looking goals. As a result, Agribuys is actively augmenting its management team in the areas of global implementation services, development and training.

"This move enables us to bring together dispersed teams while providing a collaborative environment for our expanding staff," said Marina Kotsianas, Agribuys president and CEO.

"Our continued stability and growth in the perishables procurement space are a direct reflection of client confidence in Agribuys' leadership position despite the troubled economic environment."

Agribuys' new office is located at 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 400, Torrance, CA 90503. Its phone and fax numbers stay the same -- tel: 310/944-9655 and fax: 310/944-9665.
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