AG New England Donating Turkeys to Regional Food Banks

PEMBROKE, N.H. -- Associated Grocers of New England here said it will deliver a total of 44,000 turkeys by truck to the food banks of Greater Boston, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, so that needy families in the region can enjoy a proper Thanksgiving dinner.

The turkeys weigh in at from 12 to 24 pounds, according to AG New England’s meat & seafood purchasing manager Robin Plamondon, adding up to approximately 800,000 pounds of turkey.

“Numerous generous companies and individuals across New England offer grants and financial support to the food banks,” said president c.e.o. Mike Bourgoine, “which are used to acquire the food they need. A number of turkeys are donated as well, but the need always far outstrips the donations, and this season seems to be a particularly trying one for the food banks. While they do have a national supply source, the food banks also call out for help to all the companies in the New England food industry to send in their bids for the absolute lowest possible price on turkeys to fill their needs.”

According to poultry buyer Craig Kelly, the donation will save the food banks “on the order of $66,000.”

Owned entirely by independent retail grocers as members of a cooperative, AG New Englans, the largest retailer-owned wholesale grocery distribution center in the region, serves independent retail food stores in Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the upstate New York/Albany area.

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