7UP, Project 7 Team Up for Global Change

7UP has partnered with Project 7 to offer consumers the opportunity to give back to communities around the globe by purchasing specially marked 20-ounce bottles of soda sold in the U.S.

Each bottle will feature a unique code under the cap that consumers can enter online and choose one of seven areas of need for their donation to benefit, including Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, Quench the Thirsty, Teach them Well and Save the Earth.

To kick off the year-long program, 7UP has made a significant donation to make an immediate impact, spread equally among the seven areas of need.

“Through this innovative program, consumers can control what area 7UP gives to. Should consumers want to provide clean drinking water, then they can enter their unique code to support that pillar of Quench the Thirsty,” said Eric Blackwood, director of marketing for 7UP. “7UP consumers are passionate about making the world around them better. Working with Project 7 is a great way to empower our consumers to make a positive impact in our communities and across the globe.”

Specially marked 7UP/Project 7 bottles will be available at retailers nationwide through Nov. 30.

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